Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Joseph Project Land Improvements and Grease Monkeys

Idrissa raising the tower.

Pulling the tower upright with the truck

The crew

Mixing cement for the foundation. 

Left:Pastor Jean Benoit Right:Soumailia

Preparing to move the tank up the tower.

Idrissa at the very top. SCARY!

View from the top: Storage shed and Chez Sherri

View from the top: Greenhouse

Jonathan working the land with his home-constructed plow. 

Chez Sherri

Inside the greenhouse
Small water tower for the greenhouse.
Big water tower. Before 
Big water tower. After
Grease Monkeys: Jonathan & Louis Pierre

Working on the truck engine.

Idrissa and Jonathan

"Hmm, now what do we do?"

Pulling the engine out.

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